Customer Gallery

Tier Gear‘s latest top quilt made with trapezoidal box baffles, Argon 90 outer and Argon 67 inner.

Tier Gear used Xenon Wide to make a really nice, lightweight ground tarp.

TacBlades new 19.7oz hammock includes everything. Hexon 1.0 11ft gathered end with 4 tie outs, fully zipped bug net and Argon 90 laser embossed wind shield, full cover or half cover mode, clip on clip off used with or without bugnet.
Peak bags both ends, ridge line pyramid organiser. Oversized waterproof double ended stuff sack.

Kim has only been sewing for 3 weeks and look at this amazing work she’s done! Hexon 1.6 Wide hammock and a matching Xenon Wide asym tarp. Great work Kim!

Tim made this great 10 ft. ARGON 1.6 hammock and bottom entry bugnet.

Dark olive Xenon Wide tarp with Xenon 5300 reinforcement material. No center seam to sew, just add your reinforcements, hem the edges and add your tieouts. 74″ x 144″ and weighs 11.7 ounces. Tarp made by Dustin.

John’s first DIY tarp made with Xenon Sil.9. Tarp weighs under 15oz.

Doogie’s new Hexon 1.0 hammock with our patent pending 2-way separating zippers.